Vic Firth Russ Miller Brushes: Wire – Retractable


Ingenious design by Miller and you can “swat them like flies, Russ!”

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Vic Firth Russ Miller Brushes (wire, w/retractable handles)

Designed to get the biggest sound possible from a wire brush, the Vic Firth Russ Miller brushes  project well – even through amplified music. 

Russ Miller has incredible brush technique, just check out the video where he demonstrates and explains the reasoning behind the design of his signature brushes…

So to recap, the Russ Miller brushes have a number of features which set them out from the standard-issue VF brushes: 

  • Thicker gauge wire strands 
  • Wider brush-fan at a 3.5” span 
  • Dedicated ‘ride’ brush design 
  • Dedicated ‘sweep’ brush design 
  • Brush shafts are stick diameter 

As you can hear, the volume, presence and projection are greater than what can be heard from standard gauge brushes. Therefore, it is natural to expect a better rebound, definition and overall sonic presence from Russ’ brushes. 

These brushes are finished with black handles and are retractable. They’ll put some steam into your train-beat as well!