Remo 16″ Coated Vintage Ambassador Drum Head


Made using Big Daddy Belli’s secret ricetta


Remo 16″ Coated Vintage Ambassador Drum Head

Remo Vintage Ambassador drum heads have been recreated to bring back Remo Belli’s original all-weather plastic drum head to the 21st Century.

Different to a modern single-ply Remo Ambassador drum head, the Vintage Ambassador is actually 2-ply, 10.5-mil in thickness, combining one ply of 7.5-mil and one ply of 3-mil Polyester film, matching the plastic drum head design that the changed the drumming world in 1957.

Being a 2-ply head, Vintage Ambassadors are naturally more durable than their modern single-ply counterparts, providing the sensitivity of a Diplomat and the midrange of an Emperor. With their warm, open sound, these could be the most versatile coated drum heads Remo make today.

Our Vintage Ambassador in-house experience

We have some ‘old-hands’ at the tuning game here at ADC and one of the guys had this to say about his first experience with a Vintage Ambassador on an original Ludwig 402 Snare Drum:

“It was weird, really weird, like no drum head I’ve ever put on a Snare before…I took it up to finger-tight on all the lugs, then I put a key on it for a couple of turns and gave it a hit expecting to hear that ‘out-of-tune’ shell sound, but it sounded perfect! Normally I’d have to fine tune it but it just didn’t needed it and I can’t figure out why….maybe it’s the Polyester, I just don’t know, but I absolutely love it!”

These are indeed, the most extraordinary heads we’ve had in the shop, worthy of the legendary status associated with Arkwright’s Jamaican Ginger cake – except these really do deliver results!