Remo 16″ Clear Vintage Emperor Drum Head


“Like a bit of clear vintage Emperor do you son?” so says Captain Jimbo!


Remo 16″ Clear Vintage Emperor Drum Head

Slightly thicker than today’s standard issue Emperor drum heads, Remo Vintage Emperor heads are a welcome reissue to satisfy the true vintage drum sound aficionados. With 2 plies of 7.5 + 7.5 mil film, Vintage Emperors offer great attack and depth, accentuating mid and low frequencies in the process.

As far as we have been told, these reissues are identical in thickness to the Emperors made in the 1960s and prove to be slightly more durable than modern Emperors. If you are seeking to make your old Ludwigs do a tribute to the late 1960s, then Remo Vintage Emperors will make you the best! curator of 20th century drumming sounds you can be!