Remo 08″ Coated Emperor Drum Head


Industry standard all-round heads


Remo 08″ Coated Emperor Drum Head

Constructed from 2 plies of 7-mil coated film, Remo Emperor coated drum heads deliver 14 mil of thickness with a low-end rumble, loved by both R&B and Rocker dudes.

Warmer than their clear Emperor relatives, coated Emperors have a softer touch and a more subtle attack than a naturally reflective clear head. There’s a ton of durability as expected from a 2-ply head, along with a warmth and fatness unparalleled by any similar coated drum head.

For their all-round capabilities and success in today’s modern recording and live applications, Remo Emperor coated drum skins are a great place to start your relationship with the Remo drum head family.

As our in-house extreme hiking/mountaineering drummer salesman always says, “Buy a Remo drum head and you’ll get to hear every penny you spent on your kit!“.