Meinl Symphonic 22″ Extra-Heavy Clash Cymbals


Heavy and powerful with an enhanced, clear attack…

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Meinl Symphonic 22″ Extra-Heavy Clash Cymbals

Made for orchestral players in the percussion section, Meinl Symphonic cymbals are entirely hand-hammered from premium B20 bronze in Turkey. Each cymbal is truly a masterpiece made to meet the highest sonic requirements of orchestral percussionists.

Meinl Symphonic ‘Clash’ cymbals come as a pair of hand-cymbals producing a high to mid pitch, a warm and smooth character and a mid to bright timbre. This pair come in a extra-heavy weight with a flat profile and narrow-blade lathing and have been created for maximum volume when a loud and heavy sound is required.

These are some of the heaviest symphonic cymbals made with a very powerful and ‘martial’ sounding ‘clash’ and an enhanced, clear attack.

Meinl cymbals have come a long way since their humble entry into the UK market in the early 1980s and the Meinl Symphonic series cymbals are testament to the respect orchestral players have for their products, knowing they are producing some of the finest orchestral cymbals in the world.

These products come into us from Germany so please contact us in advance if you are concerned about border delays and delivery times.