Gretsch USA Hammered Chrome over Brass Snare Drum


Gretsch Chrome-over-Brass perfection…


Gretsch USA Hammered Chrome over Brass Snare Drum

Gretsch bring back their classic ‘CoB’ Snare Drum design with the Gretsch USA Hammered series Snares. These drums have exceptional projection and power and are fantastic ‘go-to’ drums for all kinds of situations. perfect for all styles. So let’s see and hear how they sound…

The 14″ x 6.5″ Model

YouTube video

Simply loads of depth and ‘throaty’ sounds out of that drum. We love it at medium-tension tuning – but it cannot fail at any tension for versatility.

The 14″ x 5″ Model

YouTube video

Yet another winner! Imagine it in a studio setting – very happy sound engineers.

Thanks to the Memphis Drum Shop YouTube Channel for sharing these demos for all to see. Don’t forget to support these guys if you live in America!

The brass shell on these Gretsch USA Hammered Chrome over Brass drums are constructed to a thickness of 1.1mm and you can hear from the videos the absolute perfection in sound they produce. With a beautiful chrome plating on the surface, the natural high-end tones of the shell are accentuated and projected into the overall sound of the drum.

In addition, these guys come with the famous Gretsch ‘Lightning’ throw-off which allows you to quickly drop the 42-strand (on 14″ models only) snare-wires immediately for a quick change of timbre. The die-cast hoops are of the Gretsch ‘302’ double-flanged flavour, providing a flat, even surface for optimal playability and wide-ranging tuning capabilities. In a blast-from-the-past, the drums are also fitted with Gretsch’s vintage ‘snap-in’ drum-key holder, allowing easy-access for quick tuning.

Ordering/Delivery Information

Due to the challenging trading conditions at the time of this listing, we are not yet keeping this item in store – though it is in stock with Gretsch’s EU-based supplier. Therefore, delivery to us from the distribution centre will be 14 days from date of ordering.