Gretsch GS1-THSL Single Tom Holder


You want the security of a chunk o’metal in your Kick? You got it!

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Gretsch GS1-THSL Bass Drum Mounted Single Tom-Holder

The Gretsch GS1-THSL single Tom-Holder is designed specifically to fit the 25mm diameter mounting bracket in all drilled Bass Drums from both the Gretsch Renown and Catalina drum ranges (also available from our Gretsch drums page).

Whilst lots of drummers prefer to mount their Rack-Toms off the Bass Drum, there’s still plenty of drummers out there who feel there’s more strength from mounting their Rack-Toms from a chunky piece of Bass Drum mounted hardware. If you feel that hanging your Rack-Tom off a cymbal stand is just too flimsy for your playing and don’t fancy the Snare Drum stand option, then you’re best installing the Gretsch GS1-THSL holder in your Kick!

This beautifully machined single Tom-Holder slips into both Renown and Catalina drilled Bass Drums for a secure hold. No chance of the Bass player kicking your Rack Tom over whilst tripping over the legs of your stands! Utilising a Ball-and-Socket design, this mount has a 12.7mm L-Arm complete with memory lock, providing maximum adjustment without slippage. They’ve even included a ready-made hole for Jimmy the Taxi to mount his Splash over his Toms!


  • Ball-and-Socket L-Arm
  • Fits 12.7mm Tom brackets
  • Fits 25mm Bass Drum bracket
  • Memory locks included
  • 7/8″ cymbal mounting hole
  • Designed for the Gretsch & Renown & Catalina series Bass Drums

This piece of Gretsch hardware is made by those Gibraltar boyos, so you know it’s going to be quality all the way to the bank!