Gibraltar Stealth Rack GSVMS-KIT


More stealth than ya Grandad’s auld Brothel Creepers…

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Gibraltar Stealth Rack GSVMS-KIT Vertical Mount System II

The Gibraltar Stealth rack GSVMS-KIT model has been designed specifically for mounting a single Rack Tom and a Snare drum. This Gibraltar Stealth rack is quite ingenious, allowing you to mount both your Snare drum and Rack Tom with the added advantage of being able to add other clamps/mounts to the rack tubing. Doing away with tripod bases, this is a neat way of supporting this classic setup. The Gibraltar GSVMS-KIT Stealth rack comes with the following components:

  • 1 x SC-GRSCTLA Chrome T-leg Assembly
  • 1 x GSMTL 11" tall mini T-leg for Snare
  • 1 x 18" vertical mounting post
  • 1 x SC-GPRSBAR 30" wide bent bar
  • 2 x SC-GCRA Chrome right-angle clamp
  • 1 x SC-SPCM Single tom mount
  • 1 x SC-LBL 12.7mm ball L-arm
  • 1 x SC-LBM 10.5mm ball L-arm
  • 1 x GUASB Ultra-Adjust Snare Basket
  • 2 x SC-RMAADP Nylon adjustable mounting sleeves covering  3/4", 7/8" & 1" diameters

Gibraltar Stealth racks provide you with the benefits and functions of a traditional drum rack with a minimalist approach. A Gibraltar Stealth rack creates a clean, uncluttered stage appearance with their low profile, innovative vertical mounting system. Gibraltar Stealth racks are built to the usual high standard synonymous with Gibraltar drum racks. There’s probably nothing you can teach Gibraltar about building drum racks – they were there at the start of the drum rack craze and are still leading the way today.