Danmar Wicked Stick Holder (Great Gift Idea)


This thing is dope!Maestro Robinson



Danmar Wicked Stick Holder

Based around an anodized aluminium tube design, the Danmar Wicked stick holder will hold up to 4 pairs of drumsticks. With its sturdy clamp, it is quick to set up and will attach to almost any tube diameter on a drum stand (but ideal for Hi-Hat stands).

Check out Mr Maestro waxing all lyrical about the one Danmar made for him!

“This thing is dope!”

Available in a range of colours, a Danmar Wicked stick holder will make a great gift for the drummer in your life, as well as being an indispensable workhorse.

Danmar Percussion Products was founded in 1970 by drummer, Frank DeVito and the company continue to develop and create some of the most ingenious and unique accessories for drummers today.