Chalklin Junior Timpani Mallets, Sewn Felt


A nice general pair of Chalklin mallets that wont break the bank!

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Chalklin Junior Timpani Mallets, Sewn Felt Head

The mallets from the Chalklin Junior Timpani mallets range are a very nicely made set of mallets for the younger player or anyone who finds a thinner shaft in the hand more comfortable to work with.

Being a Chalklin mallet, these are of a professional grade and are available in a number of models, each producing a different timbre. Their beater-heads are over-sewn with the finest soft felt to produce the ultimate in tonal satisfaction.

Chalklin have been making mallets since 1971 and they certainly know a thing or two about their craft! Acting on the input of players and teachers all over the world, the company have honed their products to suit the specific needs of the tuned percussionist.

Their products are made from the finest materials by true artisan crafts-persons, highly skilled in the art of making percussion mallets. As an alternative to other manufacturer’s mallets – in particular Paiste – these timpani mallets are without doubt, a product of equal quality at a slightly lower price-point.