Chalklin Esoteric GME1 Gong Mallet


Perfect for gong-therapy scenarios…


Chalklin Esoteric GME1 #1 Gong Mallet

The Chalklin Esoteric GME1 #1 gong mallet has been designed to extract sounds from gongs 22 to 24 inches in diameter. It is the perfect gong mallet for use in a ‘roller pair’ when there is a need to generate subtle vibrations from your gong.

Chalklin designed their Esoteric gong mallets for use in gong therapy which covers everything from sound-healing to Yoga. Gong therapy requires a different range of sounds in comparison to when a gong is used in an orchestral setting, so Chalkin set themselves the task of creating a range of mallets which targets the needs of the gong therapy community.

Weighing 251g, the Chalklin Esoteric GME1 features a soft, rounded head with a metal handle. At the bottom of the handle, you will find a synthetic grip and a convenient rope for hanging the mallet when not in use.

We have received great feedback from our gong-therapist customers about the Esoteric range and we encourage other healers to try a Chalklin mallet when seeking new sonic possibilities during healing scenarios.

Chalklin have been making mallets since 1971 and they certainly know a thing or two about their craft! Acting on the input of players and teachers all over the world, Chalklin have honed their products to suit the specific needs of tuned percussionist.

Their products are made from the finest materials by true artisan crafts-persons, highly skilled in the art of making percussion mallets. As an alternative to other mallet manufacturers, in particular Paiste, Chalklin make a product of equal quality at a lower price-point.

We strongly suggest you try a Chalklin Esoteric GME1 mallet before paying out bigger bucks for a mallet with an expensive name-tag!