Canopus Ludwig Style ‘Baseball Bat’ Muffler


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Canopus CIM-20 Ludwig Style ‘Baseball Bat’ Internal Muffler

Got a vintage Ludwig drum missing its internal ‘Baseball Bat’ style internal dampener?

Sick of trawling ‘the Bay’ in search of an American seller who might have one in good condition, as long as you’re prepared to enter the bidding wars?

Well listen up all you vintage Ludwig drum owners – your prayers have been answered!

Our Japanese friends Canopus, are now reproducing their CIM-20 Ludwig ‘Baseball Bat’ style internal dampener, fitting seamlessly onto Ludwig drums manufactured between 1961-68 missing their internal dampener.

  • No drilling required
  • Can be angled at 3 different positions
  • Modern design means no movement under playing
  • Manufactured by top quality Japanese engineering dudes!

We’ve tested the Canopus CIM-20 on a few different drums to make sure it fits and it’s millimetre perfect! So whether you’ve got a ’60s Ludwig that’s missing a dampener, or simply fancy upgrading your existing ones, Canopus have got you covered with this superb product.