Gretsch Full Range ‘Swamp Dawg’ Snare Drum


Barks like only a 14” x 08” 6-Ply Mahogany shell knows how…


Gretsch Full Range 14″ x 08″ ‘Swamp Dawg’ Snare Drum

Dubbed the ‘Swamp Dawg’, this multi-faceted drum is a versatile addition to the Gretsch Full Range Snare drums.

Experience a wide range of tuning options thanks to the Gretsch Swamp Dawg’s  14” x 08” 6-ply Mahogany shell (you know we’re talking vintage when Mahogany features). Tune the Dawg low and get yourself a swampy, dark, throaty, ‘low-fi’ timbre like you were recording in Sound City Studios during the halcyon days of the 70s. Tune it up past the mid to high ranges and the Swamp Dawg bites with a saturating attack and full body. If you want a fat, nasty N’Awlins marching sound,  then this could be the closest thing being made today without having to try and source rare vintage gear.


  • Bolt-on Full Range round badge
  • 6-ply Mahogany shell
  • Silver sealer interior
  • 30-degree bearing edge
  • Fully adjustable side Throw-Off with fixed butt plate
  • 8 x Chrome tube lugs
  • Triple-flanged hoops
  • Remo  coated Emperor batter & Ambassador resonant heads
  • 42-strand Snare wires

Gretsch Swamp Dawg components and specifications have been carefully designed to provide a broad palette of sounds in a classic shell design that will put a bit of growl between your legs.