WorldMax Vintage Series 14″ x 5″ Bronze Limited Edition Snare Drum


Quite the little beauties, dontcha know…

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WorldMax Vintage Series 14″ x 5″ Bronze Snare Drum

WorldMax snare drums may be the best kept secret in the drum industry! This is a corker too – an ADC European exclusive! Super thin, beaded 1 mm Bronze shell. We have a thing about thin metal shells – so open! Thin metal shells offer a broad low-end and a prominent low fundamental note. Being Bronze, this is dryer than Brass but still with plenty of bite. Great tuning range from these drums. And that’s with the stock heads and wires on too.

You’re looking at one of the classiest iterations of WorldMax’s metal shelled line up. Chrome hardware, clear lacquered Bronze shell, single-flanged hoops – it’s beautiful. Modelled on the drums of the 1920s. The hardware choice and shell depth of this particular drum means that it is the most open and versatile Bronze shelled snare drum that we’ve come across. Responds to subtle playing particularly well but hit it hard and it shouts right back at you! Serious thump!

Fantastic snare drum. An ADC European exclusive. Very limited quantities, as in, we have two and that’s it! Grab one while you can!


  • Thin 1 mm Bronze lacquered shell
  • Chrome hardware
  • Single flanged hoops
  • Ten lugs
  • Tube lugs
  • Traditional S-9 strainer
  • High quality snare wires

Once again, WorldMax bring you a top quality Snare drum at a fraction of the price of other manufacturer’s models. Make no mistake; it’s no coincidence or industry rumour that WorldMax supply their shells to other drum companies to badge up as ‘their own’ drums! We have tuned WorldMax Snare drums in-house and compared them to other world leading brands, often concluding that there really isn’t much, if any difference in sound between name badges.

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