WFL III Collectors Series Top Hat & Cane Acrylic Snare Drum

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“Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy as father and son!”

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WFL III Snare Drum – 14″ x 6.5″ Top Hat & Cane Collectors Acrylic *EX DEMO*

We believe that the launch of the WFL III Signature Metal Snare Drum is the start of something very special. Our friend William F. Ludwig III (B3), having not been part of the Ludwig Drum Company for several decades now, has taken a leaf out of his Grandfather’s book, embarking upon a journey to make drums worthy of the legacy of his family name.

We know. You were thinking it to, right? WOW. Wow, is right! This WFL III ‘Acrylite’ is part of a very limited run of these drums. As with all of the WFL III drums, the rarity of this heirloom grade snare drum is not being exaggerated. We believe that the launch of the WFL III Drums three years ago was the start of something very special. William F. Ludwig III is representing his family’s legacy in the truest capacity. High-end build quality made in Chicago! Bar the laser-engraved German Snare wires, every single piece and part of this Snare drum is made in the USA! Designed by Bill and manufactured in his city, this kind of rewrites the concept in today’s drum manufacturing world, as to what could actually be defined as a real Ludwig drum


Anyway, enough about its rarity! Let’s talk about its specification. Heavy! Hand formed 6 mm clear acrylic – thick! Laser engraved on the inside of the shell with the legendary ‘Top Hat & Cane’ graphic that is renowned within the Ludwig drum sphere. Signed and dated too in black marker pen by the man himself, William Fredrick Ludwig III. Every WFL III Snare drum oozes that all-American high-end build quality you can’t fake by shipping your manufacturing to the Far East. 45 degree bearing edges compliment the shell by giving an attack and cut to the surprisingly dry and woody tone. This is a superior shell offering power and projection with sensitivity and articulation.

Harking back to the classic Ludwig ‘Bow-Tie’ design, the drum’s high-polished aircraft-grade Aluminium lugs come with the classy ‘III’ signature logo laser-engraved into their surface. Available in a choice of finishes. Check out the similar enhancement on the laser-engraved Trick GS007 multi-step strainer – something you won’t see on a mass-produced drum.

WFL III snare drums will blend into the aesthetics of any drum set worthy of having a Ludwig family made drum sit with it! With 2.3 mm (American) Steel hoops and WFL III-branded Remo heads, this drum is prepared to take any tuning you want to throw at it, such is its natural versatility; and the icing on the cake?

The initial release of the WFL III Snare drum caused such a stir in the industry that many of Bill’s friends – all endorsed by other drum companies – queued up to buy the first ones. If we mention names like Ringo, Ian Paice, Nick Mason and Nicko McBrain then you’ll realise the pedigree you’re investing with.

These drum are a hell of a thing. They sound beautiful; warm, woody but with projection – not what you’d expect from an acrylic drum. The build quality of WFL III is something to marvel at and sits comfortably amongst all else at the top of the table. This drum is one of the very few that will ever be made and is a thing to behold. Truly stunning to look at; modern yet with an air of classicism. Whether you’re buying this as a collector, as an investment or to hit the damn thing, you will not be disappointed.

“WFL III Drums is more than just a company. It’s the resurrection of a family legacy and creating a new breed of drums my forefathers would be proud of. WFL III Drums are heirloom-quality instruments that can be passed down for generations.”

W. F. Ludwig III

We really rate these drums, just in case you couldn’t tell.

***This drum is an ex-demo model, hence the special price. It is in store and ready to purchase immediately so there’s no 3-6 month waiting time like the rest of these drums!***