Vintage 1983 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 404 Acrolite


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Vintage 1983 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 404 Acrolite Snare Drum

We’ve got another gem here! This Acrolite is damn tidy and damn original – sporting the original heads and wires no less! And one thing we always love to see is this level of originality. Not just from the vintage drum nerd perspective but because these old heads and wires tend to make these vintage tubs sound fantastic. And this LM404 is no exception. This drum sounds fantastic. Check out our Instagram page (adc_drums) to see and hear what we’re talking about – video uploaded shortly. This is a classic Luddy tub. Dry, with an equal mix of bite and mid-range warmth. The way we’ve got it tuned right now, it has a fairly tight sound. Great sensitivity and fullness of sound at low volume. However, if you wanted to unleash the vintage Ludwig tone – all’s it’d take would be some Ambassadors and a set of Canopus wires. Saying that, with these old skins and wires on, they certainly deliver. Basically, you’re good whichever way you go. Great condition. Brilliant, versatile drum.


Great condition. Pretty tidy all around. Obviously not perfect as this drum is almost forty years old but you get the idea. Almost everything is original on the tub. The heads, the wires, the damper, the strainer… It’s all gravy; smooth Big Knob Damper, smooth P-85, etc.. The Luddy batter has enough life in it, the hazy looks near goosed but is still doing the job and the wires are in pretty good shape. This thing is tuned medium high and it’s ready to play. Great drum.
Due to the badge type and serial number, we can deduce that this drum was made right bang in 1983. Ludwig stopped date stamping drums after 1973 but there’s little hints one can rely on and sometimes even date a drum solidly, like this one. Serial number #3111559.
Brilliant drum, tidy drum, original drum. Check it out on Instagram (adc_drums).
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***There are no other drums/cases or hardware included with this lot, only what is listed above, ONLY.***