Vintage 1970s Ludwig Sparkling Silver Pearl One Up Two Down


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Vintage 1970s Ludwig Sparkling Silver Pearl Outfit (13/14/16/22)

Killer! Silver Sparkle is always a great sight to behold but what we’re more excited about here are the sizes. A Super Classic with a 14″ floor tom!? So desirable – we often get asked to hunt down matching 14″ floor toms for Super Classics. The sound of this kit though. That’s the real head turning factor. Go check out our video on our Instagram page (adc_drums) – we’re serious!


Not a factory outfit. The rack and 14″ floor were original sold together but the 16″ and the VIRGIN kick were all brought together later. Aside from that, condition-wise, you’ve got some fade as you’d expect but not actual damage to speak of. The hoops appear to have been touched up. The hoop on the bottom of the 16″ floor tom ain’t original. Please view all images before purchasing and feel free to contact us if you have a further questions. Aside from the fade, there really is nothing worth talking about here. All the good stuff is right – Big Knob Dampers, paper tags on the rack and 14, tidy, original bearing edges – she sings!
Rack Tom – Great condition. Age on the wrap obviously. Bit of wrap slip at the seam as is typical of this generation of Ludwig drums. It’s the same across all of these drums but it’s minimal. That’s it; original wrap (no lapping as it’s post ’69), natural interior, Big Knob Damper, solid tom arm box, etc.. Ludwig had finished date stamping drum shells at this point. They did however briefly install paper tags with dates and model numbers when this kit was made. 1971 was a good year. Blue Olive Badge, serial number #923161. Nice.
14″ Floor Tom – Great condition. Similar to the rack tom. Short Luddy legs, they typically longer on 14″ floor toms. Age to the wrap again. Natural interior, original wrap, Big Knob Damper. Fortunately, the paper tag is again intact on this drum, ‘59717’. The paper tag dating system has confused many enthusiasts over the years, 1971 again. B/O Badge, serial number #898927. Great out of this one – delicious!
16″ Floor Tom – Great condition. Similar to the other two. Not quite as much fade. Natural interior, original wrap, Big Knob Dampers. From the serial, this drum dates roughly from 1975 and is there for after even the paper tag date stamping. Badge has take a swipe. Interestingly, double dampers in this one – definitely a custom order! B/O Badge, serial number #1369556. Serious rumble out of this one!
Kick Drum – Great condition. Similar as the other drums. The most faded. Virgin though! However, this may be the stand drum of the whole set in terms of sound! As we record our videos for Instagram (adc_drums) with a simple smartphone camera, they don’t capture any of the real low end. This drum is an absolute thumper! Everyone who has heard this in the shop has been bowled over! Very early ’60s  Ludwig head on the reso. Dates to roughly ’71, no tags or stamps though. Solid 1/4 spurs, original wrap and that sound! Serial number #810397. Another thump’n tub!


  • 13″ x 9″ 1971 Ludwig Sparkling Silver Pearl Rack Tom #923161 (paper tag, 11717)
  • 14″ x 14″ 1971 Ludwig Sparkling Silver Pearl Floor Tom #898927 (paper tag, 59717)
  • 16″ x 16″ Early 1970s Ludwig Sparkling Silver Pearl Floor Tom #1369556  (no visible date stamp or paper tag)
  • 22″ x 14″ Early 1970s Ludwig Sparkling Silver Pearl Kick Drum #810397 (no visible date stamp or paper tag)

Go listen to this kit on our Instagram (adc_drums) – you won’t be disappointed!

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