Vintage 1970s Hayman Vibrasonic Electric Blue Big Sound Drum Kit


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Vintage 1970s Hayman Vibrasonic Electric Blue Big Sound Outfit (13/16/22)

Hayman Drums, some argue, are the best us Brits had to offer at the time. We certainly agree with that statement. Hayman kits stand head and shoulders above other old British drums at the time in terms of the sound. Very American sounding. Born out of losing the U.K. Ludwig dealership rights, Ivor Arbiter saw an opportunity cut into the market: a set of drums based on Ludwig design, that sounded American too but made in the U.K.. They look good, they sound bloody good – so what’s not to like!? Thin, four ply Birch shells with reinforcement rings, sprayed with multiple layers of Polyurethane or ‘Vibrasonic coating’ meant the natural resonance of the drums featured an enhanced projection and attack. Just tweaking that Ludwig formula, coupled with what was seen as contemporary good-looks, led to a swift rise of Hayman drums to prominence.
Great set of drums. This is one of less common finishes that came in later on too – tasty! The kick has the thump and the toms really sing. Seeing, or more importantly, hearing these Hayman drums certainly brings a tear to our eyes. To find out what we’re talking about, check out the video we’re about to put up on our Instagram page (adc_drums). Tidy enough, beautiful finish and that classic tone!? These Hayman drums are quite the bargain for a drummer needs that proper vintage sound but hasn’t got Vintage Ludwig money in the bank. Although, there’s one or two of our customers who have both Ludwig and Hayman and say, with out a doubt, that they prefer their Hayman kits…


These drums are pretty tidy. There’s just the odd scuffs and scratches. Bit of snare rash on the back of the tom, pedal rash on the kick hoop, etc.. General gigwear that you’d expect on a kit of this age. Aside from this, there’s only two other things that are worth mentioning; the floor tom legs and hoops aren’t original and the bracket on the rack tom is a tad wobbly. The bracket seems to be solid in itself and the bolts that mount it on to the drum are tight but there’s just a little movement on the bracket. However, it’s stable enough on the rail and certainly doesn’t effect the sound of the drum. This set is a little better than ‘player’s tubs’ – they look good and sound even better! The only thing these drums need is a little elbow grease and some fresh heads. Great kit.

Rack Tom – Good condition. As mentioned above, there’s a little snare rash on the player’s side of this drum. There’s a little general gigwear on the wrap and hardware. Again, as mentioned above, the tom mount bracket is a little wobbly but solid solid enough – doesn’t move while playing, the bolts are tight internally but the bracket moves slightly when you twist it. Age on the badge. After that, we have all the good stuff as it should be; original wrap, Vibrasonic interior with the usual age shown. Hayman Baseball Bat Damper intact and smooth, tidy bearing edges, etc.. No paper tag inside. Old Ambassadors really sing on this drum – such a clear, classic tone.

Floor Tom – Good condition. Better than the rack tom. Bit of gigwear on the wrap/hardware again. Modern, mis-matched floor tom legs but again, everything else is original. After that, it’s all good again. Vibrasonic interior, original wrap, Hayman Baseball Bat Damper smooth, solid legs, original tension rods, tidy bearing edges, etc.. Hoops ain’t original. Paper tag intact on this one, ‘19857’. Two old Emperors on this drum and it sings. Another brilliant sounding drum.

Bass Drum – Good condition again. It has similar types of wear as the floor tom. It has the odd scuff and ding all over but they’re of low aesthetic impact. Both hoops appear to have been repainted. Bit of age on the hardware. There’s nothing else really to complain about after that! Solid original spurs, original wrap, original claws ‘n rods, Vibrasonic interior, etc.. Another drum without a paper tag but again, these drums appear to all be the same age – dating from 1970 to 1976. There’s the cymbal arm box intact but no cymbal arm included with this set. Old clear CS Dot batter is open as hell, against the EQ3 ported reso. Plenty of throw. Another thump’n tub – great sound.


  • 13″ x 9″ Circa 1970 Hayman Electric Blue Rack Tom
  • 16″ x 16″ Circa 1970 Hayman Electric Blue Floor Tom
  • 22″ x 14″ Circa 1970 Hayman Electric Blue Kick Drum w/ Tom Arm

These tubs look good but sound even better. Go check out that Instagram video (adc_drums)! The perfect player’s kit bargain!

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***There is no other drums/cases or hardware included with this listing, only what is listed above, ONLY. The snare stand is for display purposes ONLY and is not included with this listing.***