Gretsch BroadKaster Drums

Gretsch BroadKaster Drums – Build Your Own Drum Kit

Gretsch BroadKaster drums are the classic shells that made Gretsch the Jazz drum set of the 1950s.With classic thin 3-ply shells made without reinforcement rings, the Gretsch BroadKaster drum kits launched what we know today as the “Great Gretsch Sound”.

Refining their shell making techniques, Gretsch went on to create their ‘reverse roundover’ bearing edge, making Gretsch BroadKaster kits as the most sought after drums in the contemporary Jazz world.

Today, Gretsch have recreated their BroadKaster drums to traditional specifications, utilising the advanced drum making techniques of today and delivering that legendary sonic brilliance to a new generation of discerning drummers.

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