Build Your Own Drum Rack System!

25 Jul 17

Crazy Drum Rack setupBuying a Drum Rack off the shelf is an easy enough affair, but what if you have your own specific ideas about what you want your Rack to be? If you are seeking a custom build Drum Rack option then you need to visit our Drum Rack page to spec up your components.

Gibraltar having being making Drum Racks for eons and are by far, the leading Drum Rack specialists; When Gibraltar invent, others follow which is why we recommend you use Gibraltar to build your custom Drum Rack.

Bits You Will Need…


Rack TubesThe skeleton of your Rack, available in different shapes and lengths, your imagination is your only limitation to what you can put together.


Rack LegsUprights to support your tubing so be sure to pick the right ones to support your creation. Longer leg bases are essential for big setups but for smaller Racks you will be fine with short leg bases.

Connecting Clamps

ConnectorsDesigned especially for connecting Rack tubes together, you can get really inventive with your angles with some of the clamps on offer to build upwards and outwards.

Mounting Clamps

Rack ClampsDifferent to their connecting brothers and sisters, these are what you need for mounting Tom Arms and Cymbal Boom Arms plus the many other accessories you can mount from a Rack.

Boom Arms

Boom ArmsYou will need to mount your cymbals and there's a whole host of Boom Arms available to do the job. Get as fancy or as simple as you want, every Boom Arm has its own feature.

Tom Arms

Tom ArmsEvery Tom bracket fitting is different and luckily there are enough types of Tom Arm available to suit we believe, virtually every drum out there.

In addition, you can buy Memory Locks, Snare Drum Baskets, Cowbell Mounts, Microphone Holders – the list of what you can mount on a Drum Rack is almost infinite! If building your own Drum Rack is something you have been considering for a while, check out our Drum Rack building section and choose your dream setup.


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