UFIP 1931

The Italian Job!

ufip-promoThe Italians have some incredible exports – sports cars, wine, food, designer clothes, handmade shoes and even the family of one of our staff! But did you know Italy has been home to families of artisan cymbal makers for many, many years?

UFIP (pronounced ‘ooh-fip’) stands for ‘Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti’ (Union of Italian cymbal manufacturers) and has been hand making cymbals from the Tuscany region since 1931. They’ve certainly trained some Master Craftsmen, including the people behind Zanki, Tosco and the legendary Roberto Spizzichino. Today, from their factory in Pistoia, UFIP continue to make their cymbals using the most incredible process we’ve seen – just check out this video…

They even make their own Bronze and just check out their Rotocasting and lathing processes, all done by hand! UFIP are quite fussy about how many dealers they allow to sell their cymbals so we were delighted to be able to take on their brand in a market where so many brands have little originality between them. We love UFIP, because they dare to be different and stand out from the rest.

Here’s another great comparison video featuring UFIP Crash cymbals…

UFIP have a cymbal range for every level of player and are an extremely popular choice for professional players on European mainland. Being hand-crafted cymbals, every step of the manufacturing process is personally overseen by one of UFIP’s craftsmen making sure every cymbal they produce is worthy of bearing the UFIP stamp.

You’ve seen the video so you know how they come to be; if you want to be part of the UFIP cymbal player’s family, check out our UFIP cymbal page and enjoy the exquisite ear-created products.