Introducing Our Cymbal Weights Selection Service

We have noticed an increase in some of our more discerning customers desiring to buy their Istanbul cymbals in specific weights. Different weights on the same model of cymbal can make subtle differences to a cymbal’s aural characteristics and we have taken heed of this.

Weighing an Istanbul cymbal

If you are wanting to buy a high-end cymbal from the Istanbul 30th Anniversary or Signature lines, it is not unreasonable to want a specific weight. Due to the nature of their manufacturing process and unlike Paiste, Istanbul are not preoccupied with creating an assembly-line consistent end-sound for a cymbal. There is no ‘Master’ cymbal to work from, their process is organic and every cymbal finishes its creation process with similar, but not identical aesthetics regarding sound and weight.

So How Does This Help You?

We have a very good relationship with Istanbul’s UK distributor and for those of you to whom cymbal weight really matters, we can supply information about currently available high-end cymbals and their weights. You can then make an informed choice about which cymbal you want to buy.

Just to be clear, every high-end Istanbul cymbal is an individual creation and bland uniformity is not the goal. However, this is not to say Istanbul don’t adhere to a framework of desired sound for every cymbal.

All Istanbul professional series cymbals are made within a sound palette within which, there is a wider range of differences in weights. Hammering techniques are of course, consistent for all models but every finished weight makes a subtle difference.

If you are interested in securing a cymbal with a particular weight, please get in touch with us on 0151 227 3271 or email us using our contact form. As long as your enquiry is within normal business hours, we should be able to call you back very quickly with availability.

Some Company History

Formed in 1980, Istanbul were started by Mehmet Tamdeğer and Agop Tomurcuk, both apprentices of the old Zilcan factory which turned out the original 1950s Zildjian K models. Presumably using the knowledge they had learned in the Turkish factory, they managed to ruffle the feathers of the now USA-based Zildjian company with their new, not dissimilar cymbal line!

Mel Lewis was the first name drummer to recognise the original ‘K’ sound was back…

Whilst Zildjian had diversified their product after closing their Turkish factory and becoming 100% USA manufacturers, Memhet and Agop had created their products from what was essentially, a time-capsule. Fast-forward to the 21st century and the core production methods remain the same, which is why they continue to make cymbals within varying weight-bands of small tolerances.

Drummers seeking specific sounds from their cymbals are now discovering why selecting weights is as important today as it was back in the 1950s.