Zildjian A Custom 3-Piece Cymbal Set


Classic Turkish cymbal making with a modern, American edge.


Zildjian A Custom 3-Piece Cymbal Set

Zildjian A Custom cymbals are the first call cymbals for many renowned Rock, Metal and Fusion drummers. Created in conjunction with ex-long-time Zildjian endorsee Vinnie Colaiuta, Zildjian A Customs feature a brilliant finish and radical new hammering techniques delivering a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound, but with a modern feel.

A Customs are not too dark and not too bright with a fast response and clean attack, plus with their thin weights and brilliant finish, they are great for a variety of drumming styles.

This Zildjian A Custom set (exclusive to ADC) is the perfect introduction to playing Zildjian A Custom cymbals, containing the core components of a classic cymbal set-up:

  • 14″ A Custom Hi-Hats
  • 16″ A Custom Crash
  • 20″ A Custom Medium Ride

These are obviously cymbals for serious players looking to buy top-end cymbals and know exactly why they are choosing Zildjian. If you are ready to invest in the more exquisite side of the Zildjian family of cymbals, this is a great opportunity to make that decision a cost-effective choice.

Zildjian A Custom series cymbals are well known for the following qualities:

  • Brilliant Finish
  • High Pitch
  • Bright Sound
  • Short Sustain
  • Project Volume
  • Medium Weight

Be inspired! Play Zildjian A Custom cymbals!