Zildjian ‘A’ 3-Piece Cymbal Set


Classic Turkish cymbal making with a classic, American edge.

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Zildjian ‘A’ 3-Piece Cymbal Set

This pack features cymbals that have shaped musical history. One of the most popular and versatile cymbals used by musicians for generations, the Zildjian ‘A’ line is known for its bright, focused overtones and sweet tonality.

This Zildjian ‘A’ set (exclusive to ADC) is the perfect introduction to playing Zildjian ‘A’ cymbals, containing the core components of a classic cymbal set-up:

  • 14″ Zildjian ‘A’ New Beat Hi-Hats
  • 16″ Zildjian ‘A’ Medium Thin Crash
  • 21″ Zildjian ‘A’ Sweet Ride

These are obviously cymbals for serious players looking to buy top-end cymbals and know exactly why they are choosing Zildjian. If you are ready to invest in the more exquisite side of the Zildjian family of cymbals, this is a great opportunity to make that decision a cost-effective choice.

Zildjian ‘A’ series cymbals are well known for the following qualities:

  • Traditional Finish
  • Mid Sound
  • Long Sustain
  • Loud Volume
  • Medium Thin Weight

Be inspired! Play A Zildjian cymbals!