Z-ED Twin-Ply Mesh 22″ Bass Drum Head


Whose chopper is this?

It’s Zed’s.

Who’s Zed?

Zed’s dead, baby; Zed’s dead…

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Z-ED Twin-Ply Mesh 22″ Bass Drum Head

Mesh drum heads are all the rage for home-practice and the Z-ED brand twin-ply mesh drum heads are causing quite a stir on both acoustic and electronic home-drumming applications.

It’s well documented all over the internet that fitting a set of mesh heads to the batter-side of an acoustic drum set can reduce the sound of the drums by 70-80%. The Z-ED twin-ply mesh head is a budget option in the 2-ply mesh drum head market, but there is nothing at all ‘budget’ about the playing results after these are fitted to acoustic or electronic drums!

Unlike single-ply mesh heads (such as theĀ Remo Silentstroke, a twin-ply mesh head actually makes a little bit more ambient noise but with the added advantage of better durability. So if you have a bit of flexibility with ambient noise, then you would benefit from the extra layer on your acoustic drums..

What About Triggering?

In terms of use with electronic drum triggering, a twin-ply mesh head makes the vibrations transferred to an internal trigger far more controlled than a single-ply version which means excellent triggering! Once you get into more than one ply in a mesh head, the rebound becomes less springy which makes a difference when using electronic drums which need higher tensions for accurate triggering. The thicker mesh allows for a tighter surface but with a more natural bounce.

For more information on this subject we thoroughly recommend you visit the internet’s leading forum on the subject of electronic drums. Or check out the following video for a 1 minute round-up of mesh heads…

YouTube video

Going the Extra Mile

Because of the attractive pricing of Z-ED drum heads, you can really turn down the volume in extreme noise reduction scenarios by fitting a two-ply mesh head on the batter side and a single-ply mesh head on the resonant side of your drums. This level of noise reduction should appease the complaints of most households and non-drum-friendly neighbours!

Remember, mesh is not indestructible and mesh drum heads are susceptible to normal wear & tear, just like any other drum head. But at the end of the day, these heads will happily give up their lives to allow you to practice at home!