WorldMax Prestige 14″ x 6.5″ Cast Brass Snare Drum


A brick of Brass – thunk!

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WorldMax Prestige 14″ x 6.5″ Cast Brass Snare Drum

WorldMax snare drums may be the best kept secret in the drum industry! They keep on knocking out of the park but this is a whole different animal. BEAST more like! Chunky, cast 3 mm Brass shell. Heavy duty shells like this were a thing of the ’80s and ’90s. Well guess what? They’re back! Contemporary heavy-hitters, such as Matt Halpern of Periphery, have once again popularised these heavy metal tubs. The best way to describe the sound, aside from going and listening to ‘Blood Eagle’, is; drier than you think, super solid, punchy attack, real thick mid to mid-high range with enhanced lows – when people talk about snare drums sounding like a gunshot, this is that drum! Unfortunately, such drums from Pearl, Sonor, VK and like typically cost the Earth. While this drum ain’t cheap, it’s still about £400 less than the cheapest offering from such companies. The build quality? We challenge you to tell the difference. Very limited numbers of these.

You’re looking at one of WorldMax’s fanciest drums here. The Prestige line. Chrome hardware, natural Brass shell, Die-Cast hoops – minimalist, understated and a serious heavy weight. The hardware choice and shell depth of this particular drum means that it is like hitting a brick wall, which, depending on your choice of heads, tuning and how you play it, means that, to your adoring fans, it’ll sound like they’re getting hit by a brick wall! Designed for serious volume and power.

Fantastic snare drum.


  • Thick, cast 3 mm Brass shell
  • Chrome hardware
  • Die-Cast hoops
  • Ten lugs
  • Angular tube lugs
  • Traditional S-11 strainer
  • High quality snare wires
  • WorldMax/Remo heads

Once again, WorldMax bring you a serious quality snare drum at a fraction of the price of other manufacturer’s models. Make no mistake; it’s no coincidence or industry rumour that WorldMax supply their shells, and parts to other drum companies to badge up as ‘their own’ drums! We have tuned WorldMax Snare drums in-house and compared them to other world leading brands, often concluding that there really isn’t much, if any difference in sound between name badges.

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