WorldMax Classic Single-Braced Hardware Pack


The price tag, always betrays the quality when it comes to WorldMax.


WorldMax Custom Percussion Classic Single-Braced Hardware Pack

WorldMax, constantly delivering premium drum gear at reasonable prices. And we must mention, another ADC European exclusive! This 300 Series Classic hardware is modelled on the early/mid ’80s Pearl 700 Series hardware – robust and simple. Chain drive, three legged hi-hat stand, sturdy snare stand, a straight cymbal stand with two stages of telescopic height adjustment and a long arm boom. Well thought out, simple in design and use, lightweight but sturdy and all the features you’d expect but none you don’t need.


  • Single-braced
  • Chain drive & silent pull smooth action hi-hat
  • Sure-grip feet
  • Easy-adjust tilter cymbal stands
  • Long boom arm
  • Easy-grab snare basket
  • Telescopic height adjustment
  • Quality chromed steel

Pack Components

  • H-300 Hi-hat stand
  • S-300 Snare stand
  • C-300 Straight cymbal stand
  • B-300 Boom cymbal stand

The gentleman who started WorldMax had previously work at Pearl Drums for many years so, even though we are well acquainted with their brilliant products, we are always pleasantly surprised when we get something new in. The price tag, always betrays the quality when it comes to WorldMax Рwe like it!