Vintage Tama Bass Drum Spurs (repros by Ahead)


At last a pair of straight spurs for the Jap sets.

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Vintage Tama Bass Drum Spurs (repros by Ahead)

If you are lucky enough to own a vintage Tama kit, you may be having trouble finding replacement Tama Bass Drum spurs. These reproduction Bass Drum spurs from Ahead are modelled on the straight-leg spurs which retracted inside the Bass Drum. Check out this snippet from a restoration video to see the type of drum we are talking about:

YouTube video

In fact, the whole video is worth a watch if you’re into drum restoration.

If you are wondering about their thickness, the shaft-diameter of these spurs is 9.5mm and there’s plenty of length to go inside the shell. If you’re into drum restoration, be sure to check out our spares section of the site for tension rods and replacement Snare wires etc.