Vintage Slingerland Sound King Snare Drum, 1970s 14″ x 6.5″


Vintage Slingerland, chrome-over-brass shell and a beautiful example of a 1970s 100% American Snare drum!

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Vintage Slingerland Sound King Snare Drum, 1970s 14″ x 6.5″ COB

We don’t usually see these vintage Slingerland Snare drums around here, especially the 10 lug Sound Kings from the mid-1970s. Sporting a black Niles badge with serial number 341927, the 14” x 6.5” chrome-over-brass shell has a sound quality lost in time and seemingly unmatchable by modern manufacturing.


There are a couple of tiny dot dents in the shell which is unusual for Slingerland Snare drums. However, the COB shells are quite soft and these drums sometimes arrive to us with dents to the throw-off and other shell areas. This is usually due to poor storage/transport by a previous owner and this drum has some light scratches to each panel.

Any potential new owner should be prepared to invest in a decent case if this drum is destined to travel outside of a permanent studio setting.

The Snare throw-off plate and butt-side plate have had their nuts replaced by non-original types to improve playability which is not unusual in terms of minor non-invasive modifications.

Other Details

Heads currently fitted to this drum are Remo P3 coated on the batter and Remo Hazy on the Snare-side. Snare wires are (as expected) not original and the drum is benefitting from a set of the excellent Puresound Blasters. The internal dampener and ‘Zoomatic’ throw-off are all in A1 condition, indicating how well made Slingerland mechanisms were back in the day.

Vintage Slingerland Snare drums of this spec are a great bargain, considering what COB vintage Snare drums cost from the other American brands. Looking through the vintage Slingerland catalogue, we see Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull), Neal Smith (Alice Cooper) and Bev Bevan (ELO) all using the 133 model Snare drum, to name but a few. This drum represents perhaps, the final greatest days of the Slingerland drum company before the Japanese brands started to eat away at the whole American drum manufacturing market. Give this drum some new love…

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