Vintage Ludwig WFL Drum Shell Pack Set in White Marine Pearl 1950’s


This is what a Drum set should sound like !!

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Vintage Ludwig WFL Drum Shell Pack Set in White Marine Pearl 1950’s


Here we have a wonderful Vintage WFL drum shell pack in the classic White Marine Pearl.

Classic sizes in 13″16″22″. The best shells Ludwig made according to some. I tend to agree.

Shell is Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany. This fantastic sounding set dates from the  1950’s.

Like most things of this age,it has had some additions & battle scars.So lets dive in !




22″x 14″ Bass Drum: As you will see from the pics,the internal shell has some gouging

This can only be down to the transportation of a drum inside without a case and this has caused the shell to

be chipped in parts! You would think a set of this beauty would be provided with cases

during its journey! But some drummers are in it for the different reasons & sadly you do see this.

Nothing to worry about from a sound or structural point of view.

This bass drum truly sings.

Chalk mark is visible- 22 which is common for the WFL period.

The Bass drum hoops are different.Look closer!You will see the Resonant is a Ludwig & the

batter is a Gretsch! They look the part as they are. Both tune up great.

There are 2 holes filled where a mount was.This has been done to a high standard.

A Slingerland cymbal holder/mount has been added. The cymbal holder in the centre has T screw

that appears to be a Gretsch. The Bass drum spurs are original & work great. The rail holds up great.

There is 2 holes for the rail to be used for a left handed player which have been studded with 2 bolts

Each claw for the T rods have the WFL initials engraved into them.Each one shows minor pitting.

Wrap is in great shape with that slight yellowing that WMP does! Heads are Remo P3 Clear on the batter & a Reproduction Ludwig Weather master

on the front.

16″ x 16″ Floor Tom:  This drum is very good condition barring some minor small wrap crack in 2 places.

Its not going anywhere but needs to be mentioned – see pics.

Brass Batter hoop is original but bottom hoop is a replacement (steel).

Each lug/ tension case shows minor wear.

Original legs and boy does this sound good! It rumbles really LOW! WOW factor on this like the rest of the set!


13″ x 9″ Tom Tom : Incredible ! The minor downside on this drum is that its WMP has faded on one side- see pics .

Top & Bottom dampers work great ! Brass hoops top & bottom on this one.

Clip on tom bracket should you want to mount to the rail in great condition.

Each lug/ tension case shows minor wear. This sounds like a tom should ! Deep & Fat !

Tom sounds incredible.

WFL sets in white marine pearl are scarce & this one will not disappoint.A fantastic set of drums.