Vintage Ludwig Drums Arriving Soon!

Landing soon but you gotta be quick to grab these puppies!


Vintage Drums Arriving With us Soon!

We always have deals on the horizon, we are constantly hunting stuff down. In the past it has been popping in the store each week, speaking to the boss or following us on Instagram (adc_drums) that kept you abreast with the latest drums landing on our Liverpool shores. However, this page is now the place to go to be in the know! Below is a list of vintage drums that are either here, and we haven’t had a chance to tell anyone about them yet OR drums that are due in soon. So basically, bookmark this page!


Arriving soon:


  • Ludwig 60’s Silver Sparkle 13″16″22″ -Arriving SEPT
  • Ludwig Blue & Olive 70’s 402 – Woosh! Be quick !! Arriving SEPT
  • Slingerland 1970’s 14″x 6.5 COB Very Nice *ARRIVED
  • GRETSCH USA RB 1960’s White¬† Pearl sizes 20″12″ 16″ ETA : SEPT

If you’re interested in any of these drums, get in touch.

Non-UK buyers, please contact us for shipping and payment options.