Vintage Circa 1977 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 404 Acrolite


Everyone should have a vintage Luddy snare drum.

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Vintage Circa 1977 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 404 Acrolite Snare Drum

Another winner! This thing sounds MEGA. Go check out our Instagram page (adc_drums) to hear what we’re talking about – video uploaded shortly. It’s warm but it’s got a real solid sound to it. Really balanced cut and thud on this one. A little dryer than most old Luddies we get our hands on, although only a touch. All in all, it’s an Acrolite – same shell as a 400 but no chrome, and eight lugs instead of ten. Great sensitivity and fullness of sound at low volume. We’ve got this tub tuned medium-high as we typically do with these drum. It seems to be the most popular tuning for these drums at least. Old Remos coupled with some knackered wires? These old skins and wires deliver. Seriously, have you listened to that Instagram vid!? But we would say that the wires could do with changing if you have drummer OCD so we’ll throw in a FREE set of new wires but really, listening to how good this tub sounds with the old wires on, we wouldn’t change ’em yet! Basically, you’re good whichever way you go. Good condition. Brilliant, versatile drum.


Good condition. Fairly tidy all around. The odd bump and scrape but the overall impression of this drum is that it’s in good nick. The smoothness of the strainer tells you it’s been well looked after. The hardware, mainly the hoops, could do with a scrub as they are somewhat tarnished. Bit of elbow grease and they’ll come up a treat! After that, we’re good; smooth Small Knob Damper mk. II, smooth P-85, etc.. The heads have enough life in them. This thing is tuned medium high and it’s ready to play. Great drum.
In terms of dating this drum, the serial number tells us that it was made no earlier than 1977. Due to the badge type, we can say with reasonable certainty that this was no later than 1977. The badge change from pointed to rounded corner B&O badge wasn’t a hard change from one to the other so we can’t nail it down but most drums ’78 onward did feature the third iteration of the B&O badge so we speak with reasonable confidence. Ludwig stopped date stamping drums after 1973 so this is the best we can do. Serial number #1669521.
Brilliant drum, fantastic sound. Check it out on Instagram (adc_drums).
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***There are no other drums/cases or hardware included with this lot, only what is listed above, ONLY.***