Vintage Circa 1976 Ludwig 14″ x 6.5″ 402 Supraphonic



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Vintage Circa 1976 Ludwig 14″ x 6.5″ 402 Supraphonic Snare Drum

Throaty, open, textbook. This 402 sounds absolutely brilliant. It tunes up so easily, the harmonics line up and reinforce that low fundamental note. It’s powerful and has a serious THWACK! When you hit this drum, you hear every inch of it resonating as one. These old Supras all sound a little different. They often share similar characteristics in terms of tonality and tuning range but they all have the common thread of versatility. They will happily sit at the centre of most, if not all, styles of music. Well, the 400, the 402s shallower sibling, is the world’s most recorded snare drum so we shouldn’t be too surprised! This 402 is very open sounding – in part due to an almost fresh Ludwig Medium SW batter (we’ve hit this drum a couple of times!), Ambassador hazy and new-looking standard wires. Presence and cut. We liked this thing high but we tuned medium-high in the end as it seemed to be the sweet-spot.
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Good condition. Interestingly, like our last 402, this drum didn’t start life as a Supraphonic, it used to be a Super-Sensitive! This seems to be a trend emerging with these drums. Super-Sensitives, although brilliant sounding, seem to be deemed impractical by most players that want these tubs. Someone has done a good job mounting an old P-85 and P-82 butt. Obvious pitting more so on the back panels of the drum. Gigwear all over. Badge is a little mangled. The hoops are tarnished and the reso hoop has got plenty of scratches. Missing the Big Knob Damper. Easily replaced if it’s new owner so wished but obviously not essential. Apart from those mostly cosmetic points, you’ve got yourself a solid drum. She ain’t perfect but damn does she sound good.
Serial number #1522031. As many of you may know, it’s hard to date these drums around this period but considering the features and the serial number, we’d put this in early ’76.
Brilliant tub, player’s condition, but who cares when it sounds like this!


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