Vintage Circa 1974 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 400 Supraphonic


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Vintage Circa 1974 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 400 Supraphonic

Classic CRACK out of this one! It’s warm and has depth but cut too! Ludwig 400s are the world’s most recorded snare drum for good reason. They’re the ultimate chameleon. A bright attack, classic metal drum? Done. Fat’n it up, dry it out and get a proper woody thump? No problem. Choose your heads and tune it right, you can pull so many sounds out of these things. These old Luddy snare drums all sound a little different. Vintage tone from all of them, sure. Tuning versatility, almost all of them. Versatility of application, 100 %! This particular snare drum was most comfortable sitting med-low but we put med-high as that’s where many of you guys seem to like ’em. If you want to hear this thing, we’ll put up a video on our Instagram shortly (adc_drums). This drum has that classic timbre that we hear across so much popular music, from the 1960s, right up until today. Many of these vintage Ludwig snare drums that we sell do end up going to recording studios. This tub has a warm but powerful ‘THWACK!’ It also has subtlety and character, even when you’re tickling it and not just laying down a fat backbeat. Classic Ludalloy-shelled drum.


Great condition. Pretty tidy! Not much pitting but it is still prevalent enough to mention. It seems to be focused around the centre bead but it is particularly noticeable underneath the damper. Bit of general gigwear all over but nothing really of note. Ding in the batter hoop but that’s probably the only actual damage worth mentioning. Nice bit of rust on the top of the thro arm – the previous owner must’ve had the snares on and off at every gig! It has clearly been well looked after though as the mechanism itself is lovely and smooth. Visible inside is the remnant of one of Ludwig’s ‘Anti-Galvanic‘ stickers – you can just make out the wording. There’s basically nothing else to say apart from what is right! P-85, smooth as you like. As is the Big Knob Damper. Fresh Aquarian Textured Coated batter over an old Gretsch hazy and random wires on it but this tub sounds great – we wouldn’t change any of it unless you need to. Plenty of life in these heads.
Serial number #1191673. As many of you may know, it’s hard to date these drums around this period but considering the features and the serial number, we’d put this right at the start of ’74, but it could be as late as ’76.
Great drum, tidy tub, ready to play!
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***There is no other drums/cases or hardware included with this lot, only what is listed above, ONLY.***