Vintage Circa 1965 Ludwig White Marine Pearl Super Classic


A classic in every sense.

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Vintage Circa 1965 Ludwig White Marine Pearl Super Classic Outfit: 13/16/22

Damn! There’s just something special about a ’60s Ludwig White Marine Pearl outfit. This is a factory set too. It has the aesthetics that never fail to command the inevitable response, “Wow.” This is a real beauty. Super Classic sizes. Chrome over Brass batter hoops on the toms too! This is a really classy outfit. You would struggle to believe that this is player’s kit. She sings as good as she looks! Bags of classic Luddy tone. Wanna see what we’re on about? Go check out the video on our Instagram page (adc_drums) – a truly beautiful vintage drum set.


Although this outfit looks super tidy, we’d classify it as a player’s kit …only just though! There’s a few little details that take away from this kit’s collector’s status but they are minor and probably won’t both many at all. But we want you to know what you’re looking at here. Tiny bit of tom rash near the rail on the kick as you would expect. There’s the odd bit of gigwear as you’d expect from a kit of this age, mainly metalwork on the kick. The kick hoops appear to have been repainted. The reso hoop’s inlay appears to have been pieced together and is therefore likely not original but funnily enough, this matches the overall aged hue of the rest of the kit better than the original wrap in the batter hoop! The resonant bearing edge of the rack tom has been recut. It’s a pretty tidy job but you can still see a little bit of damage on the wrap alluding to why it was reshaped in the first place. Fortunately, this is hidden under the flesh hoop. The reso bearing edges of the kick and floor tom are a tad rough and the reso tom hoops aren’t original. This all tells us that this kit has spent a bit of time without reso heads on – thanks Phil Collins. Then, maybe the coolest part, the two little fag ash burns on the top of the kick. You can just imagine how these came about can’t you? Details like this paint a richer picture of this kit’s history than a story ever could. A smokey Jazz club in the ’60s; a drummer so relaxed in a groove he doesn’t even notice, or even, a solo, worked into a furore and then gently back into a Morello-esk melodic phrase… Aside from these quirks, the rest of the kit is nicely roadworn and shows it’s age beautifully. We’re talking this thing down though, look at the pictures, check out that Instagram video (adc_drums), and judge for yourself.

Rack Tom – Great condition. Bit of gigwear, lovely mild yellowing of the wrap. As mentioned above, the reso bearing edge has been tidied up, fairly recently by the looks of it too. This drum still sings, no problem. White Felt Baseball Bat Damper intact and smooth. CoB batter hoop! Although, as they often do, the consolette chokes this drum a little. For full boom, mount it on a snare stand (sold separately). Clear, deep lapping of the original wrap, tidy bearing edges. Unfortunately, no visible date stamp. As we think this kit dates to near the end of 1965, the lack of date stamps make sense as at this point, Ludwig were still occasionally using red ink stamps which always fade particularly easily when applied to Ludwig’s ‘Resa-Cote‘ interiors. Serial number #133596. A beautiful drum.

Floor Tom – Great condition. Much the same as the rack tom. Original wrap, visible lapping etc.. All original bearing edges on this drum, batter side tidier than the reso, as mentioned above. CoB batter hoop again, nice. Wear on the legs. Again, no date stamp on this drum. White Felt Baseball Bat Damper intact and smooth, although the internal mount plate is a tad bent. We’re struggling to think of who would care about this but we still feel obliged to mention it.. Bit of wrap lift at the seam. No date stamp. Serial number #133522. This one sings!

Bass Drum – Great condition again. Much the same as the floor tom. As mentioned above, the hoops appear have been touched up and the reso inlay is likely not original. Bit of wear and age on the hardware and wrap. Brilliant cigarette burns on the top of the drum. Solid ‘Telephone Dial‘ consolette rail, non-Ludwig ‘Dog-Leg Spurs‘ (different from the one’s picture as they were hopeless), cymbal arm box (sadly, no cymbal arm included). Clear, albeit shallow lapping, tidy batter bearing edge and rougher reso. And again, no date stamp. Serial number #132075. Proper punchy.


  • 13″ x 9″ Circa 1965 Ludwig White Marine Pearl Rack Tom #133596 (no visible date stamp)
  • 16″ x 16″ Circa 1965 Ludwig White Marine Pearl Floor Tom #133522 (no visible date stamp)
  • 22″ x 14″ Circa 1965 Ludwig White Marine Pearl Kick #132075 (no visible date stamp)

These ’60s Marine Pearl Luddies are becoming ever more the rarity on the seller’s market. Sure, they exist in decent numbers but no-one is selling them any more! However, when we set our eyes on this thing, we get it. But it’s not just the aesthetics, it’s the sound too – this is the full package. Dating these drums ain’t too hard. The serial numbers dictate that this outfit is no older than ’65. As many know, serial number dating has it’s flaws. However, the sequential nature of these badges indicate that they were likely badged when the serials suggest, when taking the badging method into consideration. A few other features help us narrow the date range. The White Felt Baseball Bat Damper and CoB hoops are more good indicators that this kit made close to the serial number age. Badge placement on the toms is another clue. At the end of ’65, Ludwig mounted the badges higher up on the drums, which is where they are mounted on these drums. That, coupled with the lack of visible serial numbers, likely indicating red ink stamps which were phased out near the end of 1965, all lead to a reasonable certainty – hence, ‘circa 1965‘. Go check out our video on Instagram (adc_drums) – this an outstanding set of drums.

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***This listing is for shell pack only. No other drums or hardware, other than what is listed above, is included with this lot.***