Vintage 1979 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple Big Beat Drum Kit


Thermogloss? More like thermo-YES!

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Vintage 1979 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple Big Beat Drum Kit

God damn! Thermogloss Maples aren’t too common! When we get one, obviously they’re just a natural Maple finish but, we’re so used to seeing Oyster wraps and Sparkles on these old Luddies, when we have a butchers of something like this, you can appreciate the beauty of that Maple grain, of which the shells are composed of – inside and out. Obviously being six ply, and a good thick six ply at that, these are again very different beasts from our usual diet of thin-shelled ’60s drums. In 1976 Ludwig switch to this beefier shell in response to the music of the time. Live, it needed to cut. In the studio it needed to be punchier and more thunderous. And that is exactly what this kit delivers. These weighty tubs exude plenty of that vintage tone, too. You’d think that a drum set with a modern shell formula would sound fairly modern but these drums still have that classic Ludwig sound in spades.


Obviously these drums look good. Being a natural wood finish, these shells should wear their inevitable battle scars as badges of honour but there’s not the gigwear you might assume for such a kit of this age. The main feature of the condition worth mentioning we think actually has come from cleaning, or over cleaning. The bass drum and floor tom shells appear to have been cleaned religiously to the point where the lacquer has been somewhat worn through. The hue of the shells are no different, it just means that the wood grain is more pronounced to the eye and the touch. There’s the odd ding and scuff on each of the drums but apart from slight wear on some of the kick drums claws and rods, pedal rash there’s little to mention. The important things are all there; Big Knob Dampers, original, tidy bearing edges, 1/2″ Arc Spurs, rounded edge Blue & Olive Badges, traditional sizes, Remo heads – boxes ticked!

12″ Rack Tom  – Good condition. A few little dings, a bit of fade underneath where the fleshhoop of the heads sit. Apart from that, this drum is in good condition. Big Knob Damper, tidy bearing edges, natural lacquer interiors, no date stamps as they had finished that practice by this point. Serial number #2237269.

13″ Rack Tom  – Good condition. Basically the same condition as the other rack tom. Rough patch on the edge of the resonant hoop. Again, same features intact. Tidy edges and all! #2299792.

Floor Tom – Good condition. Again, the same as the other two toms. Obvious grain likely due to cleaning as mentioned above but that’s it. Everything else is good! #2236654.

Bass Drum – Good condition again. Obvious grain, same as the floor tom. A few dings on the top. A good scuff on the bottom. Hoop rash, slight ware on the odd claw and rod. The tom holder plate is missing the internal clip but the plate still holds the tom holder solid. Aside from these cosmetic blemishes, you’re looking at another solid drum, solid chunky Arc Spurs, solid double tom holder, tidy bearing edges – a serious thump produced by the Aquarian Super Kick head! Serial numbers #2239139.


  • 12″ x 8″ 1979 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple Rack Tom #2237269
  • 13″ x 9″ 1979 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple Rack Tom #2299792
  • 16″ x 16″ 1979 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple Floor Tom #2236654
  • 22″ x 14″ 1979 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple Kick Drum #2239139 w/ Tom Holder

We don’t know when we’ll next see one of these. It’s interesting looking around our drum room; we have Ludwig drums from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, American Rogers, old Slingerlands, Premier, etc.. Seeing the progression of the drum kit, we’d argue this is an example of the pinnacle of drum making. Past 1976, the design of drums kits hasn’t really changed at all. Ludwig got it right. Ludwig tone, modern cut and contemporary build – brilliant drums.

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***There is no other drums, cases or hardware included with this lot, only what is listed above, ONLY. The snare stand is NOT included in this listing. It is used for display purposes, ONLY.***