Vintage 1979 Ludwig 14″ x 6.5″ 402 Supraphonic Snare Drum


Everyone needs a Supra.


Vintage 1979 Ludwig 14″ x 6.5″ LM402 Supraphonic Snare Drum

Chunky, dry and unique. These old Ludwig snare drums always hit the mark but they also all sound different. They often share similar characteristics in terms of tonality and tuning ability but they have a common thread of versatility. They will happily sit at the centre of most, if not all, styles of music. Well, the 400, the 402s shallower sibling, is the world’s most recorded snare drum so we shouldn’t be too surprised! This 402 sounds particularly FAT. An old Emperor batter, no brand hazy ‘n wires, with a whisper of damper, coaxes out that classic 402 thump. Woody-enough to embed itself into the groove of Hotel California but enough presence to cut through Kashmir. Excellent tuning range out of this tub, it likes to be low but retains that chunkiness when tuned medium-high.


Interestingly, this drum didn’t start life as a Supraphonic, it used to be a Super-Sensitive! Someone has done a good job of pinning the extraneous holes and mounting an old P-85 and a modern Ludwig butt plate on. Obvious pitting all over. It’s not particularly bad but it is all over the shell. The hoops are all kinds of out of shape. Dinged and egged but original. Half of the sound of these drums is the original hoops. You can talk about the magic of the shell, choice of heads and tuning all day but the hoops play a big role in the sound too. Original Ludwig hoops from the early ’60s onward were thin, 1.6 mm Triple-Flanged steel hoops. Modern hoops tend to be at least 2.3 mm. Thinner hoops will allow a more open, natural sound from a drum. So even though these hoops appear to need replacing – it’d never sound as good! All the right bits are there; ‘Reliable Anti-Galvanic’ internal stamp, smooth Big Knob Damper, P-85 intact. She ain’t perfect but damn does she sound good.

Serial number #2000235.
Brilliant tub, player’s condition, hence the more reasonable price!

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***There is no other drums/cases or hardware included with this lot, only what is listed above, ONLY.***