Vintage 1972 Rogers Fullerton PowerTone Blue Onyx Londoner Drum Kit


A proper Fullerton Rogers. No-one made drums like the Yanks.

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Vintage 1972 Rogers Fullerton PowerTone Blue Onyx Londoner Drum Kit: 12/13/16/20

Not often seen around these parts! A little different from our usual diet of vintage Ludwig kits that we typically favour. Up until about five years ago, we knew Rogers made good drums but we weren’t particularly interested in them. Then, we got a whole Rogers collection in store and after experiencing the build quality, the good looks, the innovative hardware, we appreciated them much more but the thing that blew us away was the tone. Very similar to that of an old Ludwig but a little cleaner and more musical. We never turn down American made Rogers after that. This kit is every bit as special sounding as any US Rogers kit we’ve heard. The clarity of the notes and how they sing is partly due to the more angular bearing edges, thinner, more numerous plies and a different wood choice to that of a Luddy or Slinger. Sadly, the most famous Rogers got in some people’s eyes was the after-market, Rogers Swiv-o-Matic, tom holder on Ringo’s Black Oyster Ludwig kits. Although, that in itself is a testament to how solid and innovative Rogers hardware was. Regardless, this kit is brilliant and near pristine!


So, the early ’70s Londoner outfits featured; 12″ x 8″, 13″ x 9″, 16″ x 16″ toms and a 20″ x 14″ kick drum. Solid Swiv-o-Matic double tom holder, solid hex floor tom legs and kick spurs. And that’s what we have hear. Now it’s hard to conceive of a vintage drum kit that is a 10/10 for condition – it’d have to be new-old stock, unopened in the original boxes or something! This kit is tidy though. The rack toms have the original Rogers heads. The kick and floor tom each have an original head intact too! These drums tick all of the boxes. We’d put this set as a 9/10. It is that tidy. You could get the metal work even cleaner if attention to detail is your thing but we’re nit-picking. The only thing we can really point to is that the floor tom is missing the damper adjustment knob. That’s it. The only other details worth mentioning about this kit is the stuff for the Rogers nerd: yes, these drums were made in Fullerton, California. As we said, this is a proper American-made Rogers. PowerTone (Keller) shells, 1972, speckled interiors, Beavertail lugs, arguably at the height of Rogers drums (at least in our humble opinion). Mega drums.

12″ Rack Tom – Fantastic condition. As already stated, there’s nothing to say, apart from how tidy this drum is. Great bearing edges, factory interior, smooth knob damper. Clear paper tag, serial number #76137. Original wrap, a beautiful drum.

13″ Rack Tom – Fantastic condition. Much the same as the 12″ rack tom. Great bearing edges, factory interior, smooth knob damper, etc.. Clear paper tag, serial number #A 7724 (Rogers are famous for lashing on any old paper tags in their drums, hence the inconsistency of the serial numbers between these drums). Original wrap, a beautiful drum.

Floor Tom – Again, brilliant condition. And again, there’s nothing to say in regards to condition. As mentioned above, it is missing the damper adjustment knob. The rest of the damper is intact. Original speckled interior and wrap, original bearing edges again, etc.. Clear paper tag, serial number #A 8871. Another lovely drum with some serious rumble.

Bass Drum – Brilliant condition again. And again, there’s nothing to mention. We’d be tempted to say that the hoops have been touched up because they’re so tidy but it isn’t immediately obvious whether they have been or not. Original speckled interior, clear paper tag, serial reading #76401. All of the hardware is solid. So all in all, we have another killer drum. Nice tidy bearing edges – ready to rumble!


  • 12″ x 8″ 1972 Rogers Blue Onyx Rack Tom #76137
  • 13″ x 9″ 1972 Rogers Blue Onyx Rack Tom #A 7724
  • 16″ x 16″ 1972 Rogers Blue Onyx Floor Tom #A 8871
  • 20″ x 14″ 1972 Rogers Blue Onyx Kick Drum #76401 w/ tom holder

Those two rack toms sing. The floor tom resonates openly, with plenty of low end. Then the bass drum is a 20″ that’ll take you by surprise with the thump out of it! Rogers drums aren’t just built differently to Ludwigs, Slingerlands and the like, they look different too. A different vintage aesthetic. The timbre of these drums is as impressive but again, a little different. However, the bottom line is you’re looking at bags of classic American drum sound. Studio? Gigging drumming? Finally looking at your dream kit from back in the day? Vintage tone is here!

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***There are no other drums/cases or hardware included with this lot, only what is listed above, ONLY.***