Vintage 1970 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 404 Acrolite


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Vintage 1970 Ludwig 14″ x 5″ 404 Acrolite Snare Drum

Like a gunshot! Go check our Instagram page (adc_drums) for a video of the killer CRACK! This one has that balanced low, with prominent attack and woody mid-range. Real punch to it. Although, we shouldn’t be surprised – it is a Supraphonic shell after all. Yes, the legendary Ludwig 400 is the world’s most record snare drum. Acrolites however, feature the same shell as a 400, just no Chrome plating, eight lugs, instead of ten. So of course this drum is gonna sound good. The less metalwork on the shell of an Acrolite means they are more open-sounding. They’re easier to coax bottom-end out of. No wonder Acrolites have garnered serious attention of late. This one is in good nick. Super clear date stamp ‘OCT 22 1970’. Low serial B/O badge, smooth Small Knob Damper, lovely smooth P-85 strainer and that classic Luddy THUMP! Brilliant.


Great condition. Bit of gigwear, age and tarnish dotted about the hardware but it’s sparse. Shell is tidy, the odd bit of gigwear. Everything else is good on this drum: P-85, smooth, same as the Small Knob Damper. Old Ambassador batter over no brand hazy and cheap wires. Although the batter head looks tired it’s more old than knackered and is therefore, we’d argue ‘played in to perfect’ as is sometimes half of the part of the magic on these old drums. The hazy and wires are no brand jobbies but they’re tidy and this drum sounds damn good – so, we know drummer OCD is real and you’ll wanna throw your favourite combo of Remo heads and Canopus wires but listen to it first. We wouldn’t change any of it unless you need to – it sounds great.


Serial number #805972. Nice clear date stamp ‘OCT 22 1970’. When you take into account the serial number and the rest of the features, they all reinforce the date. 

Great drum, tidy tub, ready to play!


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***There is no other drums/cases or hardware included with this lot, only what is listed above, ONLY.***