Vintage 1967 Ludwig Red Sparkle Super Classic Drum Kit


This is a real peach.


Vintage 1967 Ludwig Sparkling Red Pearl Super Classic Drum Kit

Beautiful. The last time we had a tasty Red Sparkle wasn’t that long ago and it was a corker too! However, the last one was a Big Beat, this is a Super Classic. Classic by name, CLASSIC by nature! Modern sparkle finishes rarely tickle our fancy but these old wraps have a depth and vibrancy to them. ‘Sparkling Red Pearl‘, as it was officially called, is often the most striking of them too. This kit looks brilliant. And obviously, it sounds brilliant too! The rack tom sings, the floor tom BOOMS and the kick drum rumbles! These tidy tubs deliver that textbook Ludwig tone that you hear all over our favourite records from back in the day. This being in great condition, 99 % original and even having the original heads on the drums, really makes this set particularly desirable. The old, ORIGINAL Ludwig heads on these drums must have some sprinkle of Chicago fairy dust on them – the thin, three ply, matched with those vintage Luddy skins have such an open, well-rounded, warm tone – the boss is currently upstairs tickling them as we speak! So, it’s tidy, a factory outfit, it’s 99 % original, it’s beautiful and it has THAT sound!? Yeh, winning set of drums here. Wanna hear what we’re talking about? Go check out our Instagram page (adc_drums) to see/hear this thing. Fantastic drums.


So as we have mentioned above, this is a factory set and it is in pretty damn good condition. There’s a few little things worth mentioning that detract from the condition but what’s really worth talking about are the things that are right about these drums! Very mild gigwear – the odd scuff or bump from this kits fifty plus years on the road but there’s nothing particularly worth pointing to apart from a few dings on the kick and scuffs on the floor tom. The hoops have been repainted at some point, an alright job. The only real thing, actually worth mentioning is that there appears to have been quite a scuff on the backside of the floor tom, just above the leg box. The scuff has worn through some of the wrap and a piece of matching Red Sparkle wrap has been glued over most of it. You can tell when you get up close but it otherwise is pretty damn unnoticeable. Plus, it’s the player’s side, ain’t no one gonna have a chance to see it! The things that are worth getting excited about are the bearing edges: original factory, rounded bearing edges, all nice and tidy. This is one of the main reasons this kit sounds so good. Original egg shell interiors on all of the drums, original wrap, rack and floor stamps faintly intact. Clear lapping, original kick spurs and floor tom legs – it’s all good here!

Rack Tom – Great condition. The odd ding in the otherwise smooth, rounded batter bearing edge. Clear lapping. White Felt Baseball Bat Damper, nice and smooth. Tidy hoops, although the batter looks almost new and isn’t original. The Luddy batter head on this drum is pretty worn. It tunes up easy of course with those lovely round bearing edges though so we wouldn’t change these heads unless you have to. Solid tom arm box which doesn’t choke the drum when mounted either! This drum sings. Faded but just about readable date stamp ‘DEC 17 1966’. Serial number #248643. Ready to go.

Floor Tom – Great condition. Similar to the rack tom. As mentioned above, the odd scuff, plus the one mentioned above. Everything else about this drum is great. Original egg-shell interior and wrap, tidy, original rounded bearing edges, clear lapping etc.. The date stamp on this drum is again faded but we can make out, ‘JUN 5 1967’. Knowing that factory outfits can be up to two years apart in terms of date stamps, this drum chimes with that fact. Original Luddy reso head but new Ambassador Coated batter head. Solid floor tom boxes, original legs, serial number #513983. Boom’n!

Bass Drum – Great condition. Much the same as the other two drums. A few dings on the top of the drum, tiny bit of wear of the t-rods, but again, this drum is tidy. As mentioned above, the hoops have been touched up and the batter head has a few dings in it. After that, again, we can just talk about the good! Original egg-shell interior, clear lapping, solid spurs and rail, tidy bearing edges. Sadly, no date stamp but this is a factory kit. The serial is digits away from the rack tom so this was likely made at the same time. Serial number #248949. Another thump’n tub!


  • 13″ x 9″ 1966 Ludwig Sparkling Red Pearl Rack Tom #248643 (stamped ‘DEC 17 1966’)
  • 16″ x 16″ 1967 Ludwig Sparkling Red Pearl Floor Tom #513983 (stamped ‘JUN 5 1967’)
  • 22″ x 14″ 1966 Ludwig Sparkling Red Pearl Kick Drum #248949 (no visible date stamp)

This kit is a belter. We have been blessed with some beautiful drum kits recently. These old Ludwigs all sound different but this one has the most classic Ludwig sound of any that we have had recently. We put it down in part to those original heads, closely followed by the tidy bearing edges – a real winning combination. Tidy, good looking and brilliant sounding – these drums are the whole package. Pictures don’t do this one justice – go check out that video on Instagram (adc_drums) to have a proper look …and hear that floor tom RUMBLE!

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***This listing is for shell pack only. No other drums or hardware, other than what is listed above, is included with this lot.***