Vintage 1960’s USA Gretsch Name Band Round Badge Shell Pack


My worth ! Its a Name Band Gretsch set -full of silver sparkling goodness!

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Vintage 1960’s USA Gretsch Name Band Round Badge Shell Pack in Sparkling Silver. 

This is amazing! Its a 1960’s RB Gretsch set in Name Band Sizes 

22″ 13″ 16″ .

No extra holes or hardware added . A Classy looking Vintage set.

This is a 6 ply set with silver sealer interiors .





Each Drum: 

13″ x 9″ Tom : Heads fit great .Regular Remo Ambassador Coated on batter/reso

Original badge intact .Damper works great both sides.

Edges are great and the whiff from the insides is incredible!

Wrap has splits in various areas as pictured.

16″ x 16″ Floor tom :

Original Legs . Tension rods/hardware.

Heads fit great again like the tom:Regular Remo Ambassador Coated on batter/reso

This drum has just one area of wrap split by the damper controls .

Edges are great . Great 60 year old scent from the interior! Amazing!

Wrap seam has loosened just a bit in the middle area but is tight top /bottom

Amazing condition overall,

22″ x 14″ Bass Drum : 

All original hardware. All fittings are all working.Jimmy Pratt Muffler on the batter !

Wrap seams are slightly lifting in the middle similar to the floor tom.

There are a couple of wrap splits by the tom holder area & the spurs area.

The hoop inlays have darkened with age and the resonant hoop has a small piece

missing . They appear to have been repainted.

Heads are tight to apply but go on with a push

Evans Emad on the batter / a Gretsch Reproduction front head to look like its aged.

Fancy that great Gretsch boom? This one could be for you!!!!!