Vintage 1960s Ludwig Sparkling Pink Champagne Super Classic


Pictures don’t do this one justice.


Vintage 1960s Ludwig Sparkling Pink Champagne Super Classic Drum Kit

Beautiful. Champagne seem to be THE sparkle finish that catches most people’s attention. And looking at this kit, we get it. Pictures don’t do it justice! But she ain’t just pretty. The toms sing and the kick KICKS! The rack tom has that very rounded, warmth and boom to it. Very Krupa. The floor tom tunes up much the same. Yes it’s got bags of low there too but it sits so well at a med-low tuning with the rack tom – they are obviously a factory pair. But factory pairing, although cool and original can be arbitrary. Ears don’t lie, these drums are meant to be together. The kick drum again has such a clear note to it but the punch there, and all that rumble, it’s just your dream vintage kick drum. So, you’re looking at a factory outfit here; original Sparkling Pink Champagne finish, original bearing edges, all date stamped, excellent stuff. Although we know this thing has been gigged, it has been looked after. Pleasing to the eye, in good nick and brilliant-sounding to boot! Brilliant drums.


So as we have mentioned above, this is a factory set and it is in good condition. There’s a few little things worth mentioning that detract from the condition but what’s really worth talking about are the things that are right about these drums! Very mild gigwear – the odd scuff or bump from this kit’s fifty plus years on the road but there’s nothing particularly worth pointing to. The hoops have been repainted at some point at there’s a small section of inlay that has been replaced on the kick hoops but this is the level of detail we’re talking about. The things that are worth getting excited about as the bearing edges: original factory, rounded bearing edges, all nice and tidy. This is one of the main reasons this kit sounds so good. Original egg shell interiors on all of the drums, all stamped mid ’60s. Clear lapping, original kick spurs and floor tom legs – it’s all good here!

Rack Tom – Great condition. Yes there’s a little age on this drum when you get up close but there’s nothing we can really point to – we did say it was tidy! And there we go, description complete! The things that are good about this drum are worth talking about. Lovely, original, rounded bearing edges. Clear lapping. Red felt Baseball Bat Damper, smooth, albeit it looks corroded. It’s odd because the rest of the drum has no sign of corrosion so although the age of the damper is right, it may be out of a different drum. CoB hoops on this bad boy too! Solid tom arm box – although when this tom is mounted onto the rail, it does choke it, as they often do. This drum sings on a snare stand. Nice, clear date stamp ‘JUN 26 1965’. Serial number #149998. Ready to go.

Floor Tom – Floor Tom – Great condition. Similar to the rack tom. A little age showing on the legs and hoops. The only thing worth mentioning on this drum is that it was missing it’s damper so we’ve installed a Canopus Reproduction Baseball Bat Damper – because we’re nice like that. Everything else about this drum is great. Original egg-shell interior and wrap, tidy, original bearing edges, clear lapping etc.. The date stamp on this drum is partly smudged. The badge serial is from the 1965-1968 date range. The features all confirm this date range. Knowing that factory outfits can be up to two years apart in terms of date stamps, the smudge date does look like it reads ‘AUG 21 1967’. This date all fits with everything that we know about these drums. Solid floor tom boxes, original legs, serial number #450535. Boom’n!

Bass Drum – Great condition. Much the same as the other two drums. It has similar types of wear on the hardware as the other two – the odd scuff, ding, mainly on the t-rods, but again, nothing of note. The odd nut ain’t original but, who cares? As mentioned above, the have been touched up and the reso head has a few dings in it too. After that, again, we can just talk about the good! Original egg-shell interior, clear lapping, solid spurs and rail, fairly tidy bearing edges. Again, clear stamp ‘JUN 24 1965’. Serial number #160428. Another thump’n tub!


  • 13″ x 9″ 1965 Ludwig Sparkling Pink Champagne Rack Tom #149998 (stamped ‘JUN 26 1965’)
  • 16″ x 16″ 1967 Ludwig Sparkling Pink Champagne Floor Tom #450535 (stamped ‘AUG 21 1967’)
  • 22″ x 14″ 1965 Ludwig Sparkling Pink Champagne Kick Drum #160428 (stamped ‘JUN 24 1965’)

It seems that Champagnes aren’t common, at least over this side of the water. Yet, we have been blessed with some of these beautiful drum kits recently. These old Ludwigs all sound different and this one sings and booms. Tidy, good looking and brilliant sounding – these drums are the whole package. And remember, pictures don’t do this one justice!

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***This listing is for shell pack only. No other drums or hardware, other than what is listed above, is included with this lot.***