UFIP Vibra 14″ Hi-Hat Cymbals


i finale piatti dei UFIP

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UFIP Vibra Series 14″ Hi-Hat Cymbals

UFIP Vibra Series cymbals are possibly the pinnacle of the UFIP cymbal range, developed in close co-operation with Italian drummer Adriano Molinari (Zucchero). Taking the concept of UFIP’s Blast Crash cymbals a step further, Vibra cymbals are a mix of modern and traditional tones, making a versatile, rich cymbal range suitable for many styles, but especially at home in Jazzy scenarios.

Using a more labour intensive hand hammering process from a select number of UFIP Cymbalsmiths, Vibra cymbals have an incredible sound across their range. Crashes are explosive with great attack and medium decay and a large hint of dark warmth in their decay. Hi-Hats are incredibly dynamic and it’s hard not to want to use them in every style of music, being so pleasing to the ear. Ride cymbals have plenty of control with great stick definition, but with an ability for Crashing out warm washes.

Vibra Series Hi-Hat Cymbal Characteristics

  • Cast Bronze B20 alloy
  • Made using UFIP’s unique ‘Rotocasting’ procedure
  • Completely handmade, hammered & intensely polished
  • Controlled with high stick definition
  • Short attack & medium decay
  • Musical enough for all moderate-volume music genres (not Rock!)

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UFIP (pronounced ‘ooh-fip’) stands for ‘Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti’ (Union of Italian cymbal manufacturers) and has been hand making cymbals from the Tuscany region since 1931. They’ve certainly trained some Master Craftsmen, including the people behind Zanki, Tosco and the legendary Roberto Spizzichino. Today, UFIP cymbals are producing some incredible instruments for every style of player.