UFIP Natural 21″ Light Ride Cymbal


Scuro, ricco, caldo ma radioso…

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UFIP Natural Series 21″ Light Ride Cymbal

UFIP Natural Series cymbals first came to our attention in the 1990s with their ‘volcanic lava’ effect Bells and a remarkable similarity to dark Zildjian Ks. Identified by their white UFIP logo and unusual patina, they were beautiful sounding cymbals, but perhaps a little on the dry side for some drummers. Fast forward to the 21st Century and the UFIP Natural Series have been subtly updated to retain their core sound whilst opening up their sonic response.

The new Natural Series cymbals are definitely dark and deep with rich warm overtones, but this evolution has introduced some brighter timbres into the equation, moving away from the overall dryness of the old Naturals for a faster, more responsive cymbal oozing with versatility. This improvement has been achieved by reducing the weight in the cymbals across the range which has truly opened them up as a cymbal range for a cross-section of medium volume musical genres (that means stay away from Rock y’all).

We would class UFIP Natural Series as an alternative to the Zildjian K sound and somehow, a lot more satisfying…

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UFIP Natural Series Ride Cymbal Characteristics

  • Cast Bronze B20 alloy
  • Made using UFIP’s unique ‘Rotocasting’ procedure
  • Cymbal surface tensions reduced by thermal procedure
  • Deep hammered with double-punch process
  • Smooth Bell surface
  • Professional level handmade cymbals
  • Controlled, dark, rich & warm
  • Enhanced lower frequencies
  • Perfect for medium volume R&B/Jazz/Funk/Soul/Blues/Acoustic

UFIP (pronounced ‘ooh-fip’) stands for ‘Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti’ (Union of Italian cymbal manufacturers) and has been hand making cymbals from the Tuscany region since 1931. They’ve certainly trained some Master Craftsmen, including the people behind Zanki, Tosco and the legendary Roberto Spizzichino. Today, UFIP cymbals are producing some incredible instruments for every style of player.