UFIP Class Brilliant 16″ Crash Cymbal


Il meglio del meglio


UFIP Class Series Brilliant 16″ Crash Cymbal

UFIP Class Series cymbals are a Cast Bronze B20 ‘Rotocast’ cymbal range, completely handmade, cross hammered and hand-finished. After 80 years of cymbal making experience, these are the most complete and versatile cymbals UFIP make.

The Class Brilliant Series are a warmer, deeper sounding cymbal range with a faster response than regular Class Series cymbals. Polished to a deep shiny finish, they are also lighter weight cymbals in comparison to the regular Class Series, making them ideal for Pop, Fusion and Acoustic genres.

These Italian cymbals are truly worthy of their ‘Class’ name, and in the words of the boss-man here, they are simply “to die for!”

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UFIP Class Series Brilliant Crash Cymbal Characteristics

  • Cast Bronze B20 alloy
  • Professional level cymbals
  • Made using UFIP’s unique ‘Rotocasting’ procedure
  • Polished, brilliant finish
  • Fast, dynamic, warm and deep
  • Completely handmade
  • Ideal for normal volume use (not Rock)

UFIP (pronounced ‘ooh-fip’) stands for ‘Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti’ (Union of Italian cymbal manufacturers) and has been hand making cymbals from the Tuscany region since 1931. They’ve certainly trained some Master Craftsmen, including the people behind Zanki, Tosco and the legendary Roberto Spizzichino. Today, UFIP cymbals are producing some incredible instruments for every style of player.