UFIP Bionic 20″ Heavy Ride Cymbal


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UFIP Bionic Series 20″ Heavy Ride Cymbal

UFIP Bionic Series cymbals have been around for quite a while now, but their evolution continues to bring the cymbal range more contemporary sounds for today’s music. Bionic cymbals are a truly stunning playing experience for Rock and Metal drummers who require a more musical sounding cymbal instead of just sheer power and cut.

Bionic cymbals are faster and more dynamic, yet still retain the power and cut of the earlier Bionic Series, keeping them within the parameters of their original purpose for use in louder musical genres. With their deep, wide hammering and a lustrous golden finish, Bionic Series are simply awesome cymbals with an extra warmth and richness not usually associated with their intended use.

We are so impressed with the musicality from these cymbals, we predict them being chosen by drummers from a wide range of musical backgrounds, not just the loud and aggressive variety.

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UFIP Bionic Series Heavy Ride Cymbal Characteristics

  • Cast Bronze B20 alloy
  • Made using UFIP’s unique ‘Rotocasting’ procedure
  • Deep hammered with double-punch process
  • Professional level handmade cymbals
  • Powerful, bright, warm with lots of overtones
  • Wide, dynamic sustain
  • Aimed at loud Rock music but versatile enough for other styles

UFIP (pronounced ‘ooh-fip’) stands for ‘Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti’ (Union of Italian cymbal manufacturers) and has been hand making cymbals from the Tuscany region since 1931. They’ve certainly trained some Master Craftsmen, including the people behind Zanki, Tosco and the legendary Roberto Spizzichino. Today, UFIP cymbals are producing some incredible instruments for every style of player.