Tackle Waxed Canvas Compact Stick Bag


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Tackle Waxed Canvas Compact Stick Bag

As a great gift for the drummer in your life or as a beautiful personal item, a Tackle smooth-waxed canvas drumstick bag is almost a bespoke work of art. As a hand-made canvas and leather product, these bags stand out from the crowd and ooze quality. Although the pictures are nice, they only tell a portion of the story which you will understand when you have one in your hands to appreciate. The work gone into these bags and the attention to detail is stunning, which gives extra reason for their not insignificant price-tag.

This is a smaller bag for the drummer who only needs to carry the essentials to a gig and measures 18″ high and 13″ wide (opened), hence its ‘Compact’ name. It’s constructed from 15oz waxed cotton-canvas and trimmed with rugged leather functional features for extra strength. It’s fitted with leather lace-ties and its openings are secured with quality buckles.

We’ve never seen stick cases or bags like the ones Tackle make and the company have really struck a niche in the hand-made crafting world of luxury drumming accessories.