Tackle Deluxe Leather Cymbal Bag/Back-Pack


Forget your Louis Vuitton handbags – this is where your money should go!

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Tackle Deluxe Leather Cymbal Bag/Back-Pack

For the drummer who demands nothing but the best, this Tackle deluxe leather cymbal bag is probably the ultimate in drummer’s haute couture. If you thought their leather stick bags were beautiful, this takes their leather-work to another level, making them (in our opinion) works of art in the field of extreme craftsmanship. As a hand made American leather product, these cymbal bags stand out from the crowd and ooze quality.

Each cymbal bag is fitted with a #10 gauge solid-brass zip – which is as heavy-duty as they come. There’s a front pocket for Hi-Hat cymbals up to 16″ which combines with a zipped pouch giving extra space for small spares. It has three removable high-quality cymbal dividers – no cheap foam here! With shoulder-straps enabling you to carry your cymbals as a back-pack, this is truly, ‘a bag for life’.

Until Willy Wonka comes up with smell-o-vision, you’ll have to be satisfied with the following video and trust us when we say, these leather bags smell great!

YouTube video

You can see the attention to detail on the stitching and the brass riveting, so you really do get what you pay for with this superb product.