Stagg SXM Low Volume Quiet Practice Cymbals (4-Piece Set)


4-piece low volume cymbal set, outstanding VFM…

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Stagg SXM 4-Piece Low Volume Cymbals Set

Essential for the drummer who wants to practice at home, these Stagg SXM low volume cymbals are a great alternative to the more expensive brands of quiet cymbals.

This Stage SXM set contains the following items:

  • 1 x pair of 14″ Hi-Hats
  • 1 x 16″ Crash
  • 1 x 18″ Crash
  • 1 x 20″ Ride
  • 1 x cloth cymbal bag

Because they feel and behave like real cymbals, these are great for home practice sessions, quiet rehearsals and teaching studios. You will no doubt be familiar with this style of cymbal with its myriad of tiny drilled holes serving to drastically reduce the volume whilst still producing a familiar cymbal sound.

A2E Conversion?

Pretty much every major brand have their own low volume line of cymbals all varying in price and sound. For the electronic drumming community who enjoy the rewards of converting acoustic kits to electronic kits, these cymbals are a great value alternative for A2E conversion. Because conversion often means some extra drilling and dampening, the overall acoustic sound doesn’t matter and if this is your end-game, then it’s better to use low-vol cymbals at this price point.

Whether it’s low volume practice or A2E cymbal conversion, the Stagg SXM cymbal set offers outstanding value for money.

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