RTOM Black Hole Practice Super Classic Pack


A truly unique product.


RTOM Black Hole Practice Super Classic Pack (13/16/22/14)

O.K., this is pretty clever. From the makers of MoonGel, Black Holes are a tensionable mesh head that ‘snaps on’ your drum hoops. The way they work is they stop the stick from hitting your heads at full force, reducing the volume by 80 %. Your drums will sound the same but quieter. As we said, clever stuff! These things are pricey but there’s no other product that allows you to play your kit at practice volumes like these do! Rubber pads? Feel horrible and makes your kit sound shocking. Mesh heads? Great but you won’t get ANY sound out of your drums. Practice pad kit? Doesn’t sound particularly fun… Nope, there’s nothing like RTOM’s Black Holes.

What they say:

“Low volume practice with an 80% reduction in volume. Sounds exactly like your drum set–just quieter! Easily snaps on to your drums – no head removal. Durable mesh head built for longevity. Tunes to your desired tension with a single-point tuning system.”


  • 13″ RTOM Black Hole (for rack tom)
  • 16″ RTOM Black Hole (for floor tom)
  • 22″ RTOM Black Hole (for kick)
  • Bass Drum Hooks (to attached the bass drum Black Hole to wooden hoops)
  • 14″ RTOM Black Hole (for snare drum)

We shouldn’t be too surprised at how clever these things are, RTOM invented MoonGel after all, now an industry staple!